RapidLT - 'Live Textures'
Play movies, live onto MockUp textures
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Environments and 3D model

RapidLT can be applied in desk-top, large screen, and Virtual Reality environments.


Movies are added and positioned onto objects through material texture coordinates. Suitable MockUp ‘planar’ objects are provided with RapidLT to make this easy, but users can add their own during the model conversion process.

RapidLT applies video streams from a variety of media file formats to DIVISION MockUp textures – in real-time, under user control.


MockUp textures may be applied to any object of any shape. One texture may be applied repeatedly throughout a model to duplicate the video, and several movie streams may be applied to different textures to show multiple independent movies, each under their own control.

Control through MockUp Actions Functions

RapidLT is controlled by MockUp Action Functions. Movies may be run either from start to finish or on a loop. At any point a specified movie may be paused or restarted from the beginning or its current frame position.





to define the movie to be played.

·         The name of the MockUp material to use for the replay.

·        The filename of the movie file.

·         The counter of loops to play.


to control the movie state.

·         The name of the MockUp material in use for the movie replay.

·        The movie state required: On, Off, Toggle.


used to terminate the movie

·        The name of the MockUp material in use for the movie replay.

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